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Fan and Spectator Guidelines

In accordance with the Order of the Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health Directing Face Coverings in School Entities beginning 9/7/21 ALL spectators, coaches, and event staff will be required to wear masks at INDOOR athletic events (unless exception under Section 3 of the order). All
spectators are encouraged to physically distance as feasible. The ability to physically distance at some events may be limited. Events held
at the Roaring Spring Athletic Field and in the Central High School gymnasium will continue to be
livestreamed through the NFHS Network. Unvaccinated individuals and/or those uncomfortable with
large gatherings are encouraged to view the event through the livestream option. 
There is no place for disrespectful behavior toward coaches, student-athletes, officials, and administrators in interscholastic athletes. It will not be tolerated. We welcome your attendance and ask that you assist us in creating an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere as we all work together to enrich our student-athletes' experiences. - A message from PIAA

To help ensure that sporting behavior by the fans contributes to, rather than distracts, from the event, the following guidelines for student cheering sections and general fan behavior are to be followed.


Acceptable Behavior

•        Clothes appropriate within district dress code.

•        Face pain in school colors, school insignias on cheek.

•        Applauding and cheering for your team during introductions, the contest and post-game handshakes.

•        Signs that support your school team (where possible, signs should be fastened to the wall).

•        Accepting all decisions of the officials with respect.

•        Staying in assigned student cheering section.

Unacceptable Behavior

•        Shirt-less and undergarments exposed or worn as outer garments. Wearing clothes that would not be appropriate or acceptable for school.

•        Face paint in colors other than school colors, full face paint or masks/hats that hide student identity.

•        Derogatory cheers, chants, songs, actions or gestures directed toward opposing teams, their fans or the officials, including during pregame and introductions.

•        Signs that taunt or run down opponents. Any sticks or “props” that could be used as a weapon.

•        Booing or heckling an official’s decision.

•        Sitting in, taunting or approaching opponents’ designated student section, team or fans with an intent to cause a disturbance. Fans may NOT go onto the field or court after the game.

•        Noise-makers (for indoor events).

•        Any behavior that draws attention away from the players and the contest, including (but not limited to) inappropriate gestures, signs and cheers.

•        Standing up for the whole contest. (Unless prior arrangements have been made with the game manager).

Parents of student-athletes please click on the following link to access a video titled "The Parent Seat"  for information on spectator behavior at interscholastic athletic events.

"Everyone has a role to play. Coaches should concentrate on coaching. Officials must stick to making the calls on the field or court. Players can only play the game between the lines. And parents need to know that their job is to support their kids in the best way possible." - NFHS